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GEE CS5000 - Strawberry Banana 2% - Rechargeable

Stylish, ready-to-use pre-filled disposable electric cigarette, with a charge of up to 5000 puffs.

Slim, compact design makes it pocket friendly and easy to carry.

It's unbeatable in terms of enjoyment and flavour intensity, plus you don't have to clean or refill it, and it's more affordable.
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What is Gee?
Gee is a pre-filled disposable electric cigarette designed by ELF BAR, also known as disposable vape. It has lots of different, very intense flavors, and you can use it almost anywhere and anytime with ease.
Gee is super easy to use, you can smoke it right after unpacking without charging, without using any buttons, without waiting for it to warm up or heat up. You will not disturb the people around you while using Gee, as it does not emit any unpleasant smells, thanks to this you will not smell of regular cigarettes. Gee can be an excellent choice if you don't want to worry about refilling and keeping your traditional electronic cigarettes clean. If you spend long periods of time in a non-smoking environment, such as an office, a restaurant or a party, then Gee is an excellent choice. 


Who can use Gee disposable electric cigarettes?
The use of the Gee disposable electric cigarettes, especially nicotine-containing versions, may be regulated differently in different countries. It is up to the user to check these rules, and it is the user's responsibility to comply with them.
Gee is currently available in more than 40 flavors, so there are flavors to suit almost everyone. Gee comes in two variants - nicotine and nicotine-free - so serious smokers and hobby smokers also can find the right Gee for them. The nicotine-free version contains 0% nicotine, while the nicotine-containing version is available in 2% and 5% nicotine types. If you like pleasant aromatic flavors, this product could be the perfect choice for you.


How to use the Gee electric cigarettes?

The product is very easy to use. After removing the packaging, all you have to do is to remove the transparent protective cap from the capped end, and you can start smoking right away. Lift the product to your mouth and as soon as you start to inhale, the device will provide smoke automatically. It doesn't require any refilling, once it's empty you can get rid of it. After use, please dispose the cigarette in an environmentally friendly way and do not pollute the environment. You can start and stop using the product at any time. The product does not need to be switched off or restarted when not in use. The device switches on and off automatically.

Frequently asked questions

How much nicotine do the products contain?

- The nicotine content is always indicated in the product description or in the name of the product.

Can the device be charged?

- Generally no, as these are disposable devices, so you don't have to worry about whether the device is running out of power and can't smoke. However, some versions such as the 3600/5000 puff models come with charging possibility.

Are these original products?

- The ElfBarMarket online store sells only original products. We buy directly from the manufacturer. If you want to double-check, you can do so at

How do I know what is original?

- There is a QR code on the product packaging that can be scanned and verified on the manufacturer's website. If the QR code was entered less than 1-2 times, the product is 100% original.

Is there a warranty for Gee?

- We can take back unopened products for 14 days or refund your purchase price!

Strawberry Banana
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