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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ELFBAR?


ELF BAR is a pre-filled disposable electric cigarette also known as disposable vape. It has lots of different, very intense flavors, and you can use it almost anywhere and anytime with ease.
Since 2018, ELF BAR has been making an effort to product innovation via a smart heating system as we discover the need for natural-based taste and more healthy ways of vaping are thriving year by year.


What is the minimum age to purchase ELF BAR?


You must be of legal smoking age in your state/country. In most countries it is 18 years, but it can also be 21 years.


I have never tried ELF BAR, which version should I choose?


If you are a daily smoker, we recommend that you first try the 2% nicotine products in 800 or 1500 puffs. If you like the flavour you choose, it is then advisable to go for the larger puffs version. If the 2% nicotine strength proves to be weak, only then should you try the 5% nicotine strength. However, if you have never smoked before, we advise you to keep this attitude and don't start smoking!


What kind of e-liquid is in an ELF BAR?


The ELF BAR, like all other conventional electronic cigarettes, uses a vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol based liquid and uses salt nicotine instead of the basic free base. The salt nicotine e-liquid provides a much softer throat hit during vaping. This can make the transition to vaping much easier than with traditional electronic cigarettes, because you don't cough or scratch your throat. Nicotine craving also decreases more quickly as the body processes the nicotine more quickly on a salt basis. There are so many flavours available in our range, that we're almost sure to have something for everyone!


How many puffs are in one ELF BAR?


Disposable electronic cigarettes always include a puff number in the name and on the packaging. This puff count serves as a reminder of the approximate number of puffs each device is good for. This is based on how many puffs you can take on the device before the e-liquid and/or battery runs out. It is important to highligh that the use of e-cigarettes varies from person to person, so the size and strength of the puff is not the same. This can lead to different performance for different users.


How can I be sure whether my ELF BAR is original or fake?


The ElfBarMarket online store sells only original products. We buy directly from the manufacturer. If you want to double-check, you can do so at


What about tax and customs if I order from a country within the EU?


Because we deliver from an EU warehouse, you don't have to pay any extra tax or duty. Your parcel will be with you shortly after you place your order, without any problems.


Can these products be sold or ordered in my country?

The use of the ELF BAR disposable electric cigarettes, especially nicotine-containing versions, may be regulated differently in different countries. It is up to the user to check these rules, and it is the user's responsibility to comply with them.


How do you know if the ELF BAR is empty?

If the e-liquid runs out, or you feel the smoke taste burnt, it can no longer be used. Battery capacity is highly dependent on usage. When no more smoke comes when sucking, the e-liquid has run out or the battery is discharged.


What does it mean if the LED on my ELF BAR is blinking?

If you see a flashing LED at the bottom of the ELF BAR, it means the battery is fully discharged. If you have not used the product but the LED is flashing, please contact us.


Is there a guarantee on ELF BAR products?

Of course, all ELF BAR products are guaranteed, but for a limited time. We can only guarantee these products for 48 hours from the date of receipt of the package. In case of failure, please contact us as soon as possible. For the exact warranty conditions, please see our general terms and conditions.